Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Increasing Traffic via YouTube

Understand that the software that I am about to describe is considered black hat, and as such carries the risk of having your IP address banned from YouTube. However, for those of you that are interested, here we go.

Before I begin, let me tell you that this is a software that I have not used and don’t plan to, but have read extensively about. My approach for my discount offer on the RedX expired listing lead system it to remain above board so this YouTube software doesn’t quite fit my model. However, it keeps popping up on the black hat promotion groups as a way to explode site traffic through YouTube so I thought it may be interesting.

The software is TubeIncreaser and what is does is takes any video on YouTube and adds thousands of fake page views over a set period. As I understand it, after videos have been posted a while, those videos with few views naturally fall to the bottom of the categories. However, those with a large number of views, or those with rapidly increasing viewership actually increase in visibility on the site and subsequently get more and more traffic. Apparently the TubeIncreaser software tricks the YouTube algorithm into thinking that more and more people are viewing your video over time. Subsequently, real viewership of the video rises as does the corresponding web traffic.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Authority Black Book for Better Backlinks

I was trying to update myself on the latest social marketing technology on when I found a link to an interesting e-book that I could use in my ever evolving online viral promotion strategy for my discount site of the RedX expired listing lead service.

The e-book is names the Authority Black Book and it explains the numerous approaches to increase the visibility and web traffic of your website. The e-book is fairly comprehensive, and with over 67 pages of data contains a great deal of data that can help to better understand the need and overall effectiveness of linking and membership programs with the myriad of online social networks. I know you have an Active Rain account, but do you have a facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, digg, reddit, etc.? Much of the information in the book can be considered common sense, but overall it is a good learning tool to help you grow your backlinks and increase your online presence.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Leveraging What the Profiteers Can Teach Us

There are a few approaches that stand out as completely applicable to the white hat world. An approach that more nefarious online marketers use to garner ad revenue from pay per click adversities is to find a set of keywords that are underserved by advertisers and highly trafficked by the public users. The black hat marketers capitalize on these niches by creating thousands of pages of content to penetrate each corner of that niche. These marketers use a variety of tools such as those described in the Micro Niche Tool to locate search terms with opportunity and then a myriad of other software products to penetrate the niche.

As I have discussed previously, I am doing this research to find new ways to increase webtraffic to and my discount offer for the Expired Listing Lead System from RedX. As such I am learning about the blue, black and white hat world of internet marketing. We have all talked about finding a niche in your own market and leveraging it to differentiate yourself. We have also discussed creating single page websites to service our long tail of keywords that we believe are applicable. However, I don’t believe anybody has suggested that we use tools like those discussed above to locate high volume low competition search terms, the create unique individual sites to specifically service those keywords.

My thoughts would be the following: Instead of trying to compete on the term real estate, or even Salt Lake City Real Estate, use the tools to find specific terms that are underserved such as Lease to Own Houses in Salt Lake City. After identifying the desired search terms, buy a URLs with those terms as part of the name, “leasttoownhousesinsaltlake” Finally, create a keyword specific sites that services that niche (see my previous entry on the Ultimate Search Engine Loophole) Finally, make sure that my blogs link to those pages and start alternating my signature pages with the different links. If necessary, create a few new blogs that specifically service and target those sites.

I know that it sounds like a lot of work because you are now managing multiple sites, or at least multiple blogs, but the concept is simply to create a bigger print on the web which may translate into more people being able to find you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Increasing SEO With Automated Article Submission

This week I was focused on finding a few new techniques that could be used to increase search ranking and web traffic. What I found in my research was that there are a number of affordable tools that are designed to automate the backlink process.

I am one for occasionally writing an article and then submitting it across the web (google Barrett Niehus) as part of my linking and web promotion strategy. I generally end up manually submitting my articles to around twelve article directories for republishing. This works great for me because the resource box for the article is always included which gets my name and links top the discount for the RedX Expired Listing Lead System in multiple places.

In my reading this weekend, I found a great new tool that is really going to streamline the process for me. The tool is a software package that automatically submits your article to over 350 different article directories. The software, Article Submitter, has a video that walks through the submission process, but essentially once you enter your article, author information and category data, the software goes to each directory website and populates the required forms and automatically submits the entire article. There are a few directories that require you to enter the captcha verification codes as part of the process, but it is pretty straightforward. Overall, the Article Submitter software allows me to increase the number of directory submission from around 15 to over 350!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Working With a Search Engine Loophole for MSN Live

I am still exploring and learning about the world of blue hat to promote my 4MySales Site and the $149.00 discount to the RedX expired listing leads system and discovered a few new tools that look promising. I recently learned about a loophole that a black hat group claims to in MSN Live’s search algorithm. I found an pdf e-book that details exactly how to exploit loophole and went ahead and bought it. The e-book “The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole” describes in great detail how to create a single landing page that funnels visitors into your main site and uses blog multiple blog links to increase the page rank of that landing page in the MSN Live search engine to a high level.

The approach that the e-book describes is straight forward, but does require a single landing page that is light on text, a keyword specific URL, and a number of blogs, preferably Wordpress, that you can update with a linking algorithm or plugin. This weekend I put up two landing pages for two targeted keywords and started updating my blogs as well as convinced a few of my friends to add the plugins with my links to their blogs. It is probably too early to tell if I have been successful, but hopefully the approach recommended by the Ultimate Search Engine Loophole will result in a huge increase in traffic.

If you are thinking about using this approach yourself, I do feel that I need to mention that the loophole e-book was designed for the web group that exploits these loopholes for black hat programs, so the actual e-book does make reference to other more nefarious approaches to SEO.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Apporoach to Creating Backlinks

In looking at the various web promotion techniquest that are out there, I have come across a few that seem to save a lot of time. I have been spending time posting bookmarks to the various social bookmark sites and I found a software, Bookmark Demon that has saved me hours of work.

Bookmark Demon is the one tool that I found that is actually very useful and completely automates the process of posting your real estate blog to all of the social bookmarking sites is Bookmark Demon the software is relatively simple to use and shows results within hours. For the social bookmarking sites, and there are a lot of them, it creates a user account, or use those that you have established, on the myriad of social bookmarking pages, then post the blog, website, or URL that you are working with on that site. For example, the tool will create a and and, and stumbleupon account etc.and bookmark your site to each of those accounts.

I was trying to do this manually to get some attention to my site that features a discount for the RedX expired listing lead service. However, this is a far more simple way to save time and complete the task.

Let’s face it, in 2009 we need to save as much time as possible while increasing our real estate lead generation.