Friday, August 10, 2007

Be Everywhere For Word of Mouth

As a little experiment this afternoon, I googled 4MySales to see where the site and this blog were popping up. The search returned what I expected, about 22,000 references, but it also provided a unique insight into where to leverage your highest potential online. In addition to this blog and associated website, the highest ranking google returns were for the multitude of online social networks where 4MySales has registered.

The top returned searches for 4mysales were:
4MySales - MyBlogLog
digg / 4MySales / news / dugg
4mysales · 2k Bloggers - The Face of the Blogosphere (a blog of ...
4mysales's Participation »
4MySales Real Estate Agent Success - Feeds - Netvibes ecosystem ...
Barrett Niehus (4MySales and Expired Listing Leads) - Real Estate ...
4MySales REALTOR Marketing Blog
User:4MySales - InmanWiki

So what does this mean? Essentially, it means that as you work on promoting your blog and expanding your presence online, register for all of the online social networks that you can. After registration, identity those that naturally rise to the top of the search engines and spend your time syndicating content on those sites. Social networks are generally very search engine friendly, and in addition to creating social links (and traffic) within the community, you increase your search engine visibility.

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Shane Wilson said...

Thank you for the valuable information. Social networks constantly have new content so thats why they rank high in the search engines. However, I never thought about how useful they would be in promoting blogs in a search engine. Thanks, Shane