Monday, March 30, 2009

Attracting Real Estate Leads Through Twitter

I have shifted my focus from getting front page links from google to our expired listing lead software and am instead working with Twitter to do some marketing..  The micro-blogging tool is getting popular and has finally hit mainstream media. With all of those individuals tweeting, how do you take advantage of it to attract new clients and listings?  The best way is to garner as many followers that meet your target demographic as possible, and use their initial follow as well as your tweets to emphasize your brand. So how do get followers, and how do you automate the process? 

Because effective Twitter marketing means attracting as many followers as possible, setting up an autofollow, auto-responder and auto-reciprocate tool is a great way to improve your reach and campaign effectiveness.  The tools that help in this process are which allows you to autorespond followers with a direct message as well as automatically reciprocate follows.  Combine with the keyword autofollow power of Twollow and you can automate most of the marketing with the exception of actually posting content.  There are rss twitter autopostng services that allow you to post content as well, but we won’t go into them in this discussion. 

As you begin posting to twitter, follow those that have your target keywords in either their conversation or profile.  Roughly 30% of those that you follow will end up following you back.  After a couple of days, unfollow any of those that have not followed you so that your ratio of followers to followees does not get too far out of whack.  

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