Monday, July 31, 2006

REALTOR® Lead Prospecting Engines

So back to the topic of prospecting engines. As I said below, a REALTOR® lead prospecting engine is a system that maintains continual contact with that seventy percent of prospective buyers that will need your help within the next few years. It should be automated enough to require only a little input on your part, but still personalized enough that it adds value to the prospect. Below is a diagram of how the prospecting engine essentially works.

With a prospecting engine, prospects are initially receive and qualified by the real estate agent. If the prospect is in need of real estate services at that moment, then the real estate agent takes action. However, most prospects will not need a real estate agent right at that moment. In that instance, the real estate agent feeds the prospect into the prospecting engine to be sure that the prospect eventually becomes a client. The prospecting engine educates the prospective client about the services offered by the real estate agent, and maintains contact across a variety of mediums. Eventually, the marketing engine provides enough contact with the prospect that they can repeat the name of their potential REALTOR® un-prompted and know exactly how to get hold of that agent. By creating this type of relationship with all of your prospects, you can be sure that most of the time, you will be their first phone call when it is time to use the services of a REALTOR®

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