Sunday, July 30, 2006

Unique Sellining Proposition

I will go on with my diatribe about prospecting engines in subsequent posts. However, I wanted to share this article from broker agent news with you. I have taught for many years that every business and broker needs to have a unique selling proposition that separates them from their competition. This is critical in the real estate industry because of the massive number of agents competing for business. This article by Will Dylan points out a few of the benefits and provides a great overview of the benefit and inherent need of a unique selling proposition for a real estate agent:

Please read the article, but a quote that I found compelling was:
“Dr. Cialdini's statement raises another issue for you to consider. How much time do you spend in your sales presentation telling clients what they can't get anywhere else? What is that one unique component of your offer to clients that they can't turn down, out of fear that they will be "missing out" by going with another agent?
Is it:
your patented system for selling homes faster than the market average
your value added home staging service provided free with listing
your 25 years of local experience
your status as the number one volume agent in the area
your unique, customizable online marketing program for new listings
your service guarantee
While different segments of the market will all respond a little differently to some of the offers laid out above, the point here is that each offer is hard for another agent to duplicate. Anyone can lower their price, but only one agent can have a patented, exclusive sales system that beats the market on average. Any agent can offer a discounted price, but only a few can boast 25 years experience, or top volume status, and so on.
In most cases, if you can make one of these relatively unique offers, you are effectively saying to your prospects "If you don't list with me, here's what you'll lose..."

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