Thursday, February 19, 2009

Appear Multiple Times on the First Page of Google

Google  Expired Listing Leads,”  Half of the page  references me through  4MySales, Barrett Niehus, or through my relationship with the RedX Expired Listing Lead Service and its associated savings.  Getting this type of rank can be a good amount of work, but it can also help you attract many many clients.  So what is exactly do you need to do to dominate the first page of google to maximize your web traffic? 

The approach simple, and just requires you to realize that you need to have relatively big presence online, with a keword-narrow focus.  What does that mean?  It’s simple really.  I have lectured for a while that in order to be a successful Realtor you need to serve a niche and create a value proposition that differentiates you from your competition.  That sentiment is reflected online, but with some SEO specific caveats.   

So what are the steps to get your links listed on the first or ten results on google for a specific search word go back to you?  It all starts with picking the right search words.  Depending on the group and cities that you want to target, start creating a list of keywords that you feel that your clients will be searching for.  With this list, use a keyword tool (I actually prefer the Adwords keyword manager for Google) and take a look at the relative number of searches that your target keywords get per month.  

After choosing your keyword, optimize your website for that word.  I won’t go into details on site optimization, but be sure to update your meta tags, description and the keyword frequency in the body copy of your site. 

The next step is much more critical.  Start increasing your online footprint to feature that keyword and link back to your site.  Start a blog on blogger and choose that keyword as the URL (for some reason hyphens aren’t currently searching as well as run-on words so choose URL’s such as  as opposed to  Post a few keyword-rich articles to that blog and add links back to your home page on the blog-roll. Add other links to your blog roll as well, but if possible add nofollow tags to those links as they do affect the pagerank of the blog.  If you have a similar topic with a related keyword, you may choose to two or three related blogs.  However, don’t overdo it as legitimately keeping these blogs up is a challenge and at certain levels it could be considered spam.  For me I have just two blogger sites dedicated to real estate, the most active dealing with viral marketing for REALTORS.  

After completing this work on blogger,  you may choose to do something similar with Wordpress.  The idea is to get five to ten quality blogs that you can legitimately maintain by posting just an entry per day.  After you have created your sites, be sure to ping them to the various blog search networks so that they get indexed promptly.


Next, turn to social networks and for each netword, choose a username that is your keyword.  Create your profile using keyword rich text, and use these pages as well as your blogs as selling opportunities.  People in the network will find you and connect with you, so put your best face forward.  Spend time getting to know the community and post information that will help the community grow.  

After creating your presence in the communities, spend some time on Squidoo and Hubpages creating lenses and pages that feature your keyword and link back to your site.  Once again, the idea is that when a person searches a specific phrase, multiple pages from different sites all linking to you show up.

 Once you have done all of the above, it is a matter of maintaining the content on all the sites (I allocate an hour a day for the prospecting expireds system.)  and adding content that serves your target search term.  

It is a fair amount of work, but the system does work.  My current project is Bloom’en Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin Chews.  I just started last week with the search term “prenatal vitamin chews” so there are only two entries on the first page of google that go back to Bloom’en Nutrition.

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