Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Real Time Guide to Dominate the First Page of Google

I had previously discussed an approach to get the many of the entries on the first page returned by google to point to your website for a given keyword.  I used the keyword search “Expired Listing Leads” and the numerous entries on the first page of google that point to my sites promoting the savings that you can enjoy by registering for the RedX expired listing lead service through  

As a teaching tool, I have decided to share with your in real time, or at least daily posts the step by step process to cover the first page of google for a given keyword.  My approach is to choose a keyword and promote my links on the web such that at least five of the ten results on the first page of google return a link back to me. 

With that in mind, step number one is to choose the keyword, I used Googles Adsense Keyword tool for this project and determine what keyword is going to give you the most amount of traffic with the lowest level of competition.  For this project, I am promoting expired listing leads for real estate agents.   When you use the keyword tool, you find that Real Estate is extremely competitive in online promotion so after some digging, I found the phrase “Real Estate Country” which returns about 1.2 million searches per month and is relatively sparse in the way of competition. 

As a side note, if you are focusing on your own real estate business in a specific city,  the number of monthly searches will be a lot less and much more targeted.  Regardless, the same logic applies.  Choose the term with the highest number of searches that will be made most often by your target clients.  

With the above in mind, I have just finished registering for the URL and signed up for a hosting account with  Over the next few days I will place the website which will be simple two or three page site, most likely with a blog or rss feed. 

In summary, here is step one:  Choose a keyword that does not have a lot of competition, but does have a high number of searches.  Register your url with that keyword.  We will work on the the site in the next discussion.  

By the way, I am still also doing this with the prenatal chew business as well and the entry returns Bloomen Nutriton at the top of the first three pages of google.  Not quiet all over the first page, but we are making progress.

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