Monday, February 02, 2009

Grow Links to With a Black Hat Tool

I am learning about the sneaky world of black hat marketing, and there are a number of tools that can be used to ethically promote links and traffic of your own website.  As before, this is all in an effort to promote my relationship with the RedX expired listing lead system and the discounts.   I am also saving money with some of this software by promoting my wife’s prenatal vitamin company, Bloom’en Nutrition as well. 

Anyway, a few posts ago I mentioned an interesting software that automatically submits your entry to a couple hundred article and e-zine websites.  Using the software quite a bite over the past few weeks and have found that duplicate content is a major hindrance to increasing my rank on the search engines.  In doing some reading on the SEO and black hat forums I learned that Google may actually penalize your site for having duplicate content spread across the web.  This leads to a conundrum, on the one hand you have at least hundreds of backlinks per article of various page rank, but on the other hand the penalty for duplicate content may bring your ranking down.    

The solution, interestingly enough is another black hat tool designed specifically to increase SE rank.  The product is known as a word spinner and what it does is takes your article posted on blog and randomly modifies the text to make is unique enough to make the resulting text 40 to 80 percent different than the original.  The specific product that I found was WP Spinnner and it is a simple Wordpress plugin.  To use it, you simply add an article and some alternative text or sentences to your article and post it to your wordpress blog.  Each time you refresh your blog the WP Spinnner will change the article to read differently enough to appear as a new article.  This is great for search engines because it makes the spiders think that there is new content on the blog each time it spiders the site, regardless of your posting schedule.  

The real power of the spinner however is the ability to create multiple unique articles that can be submitted to the 300 plus article directories.  It adds a little bit more time to the submission process, but instead of having 300 submissions that count as one link on google, I now have over 300 quality backlinks from unique articles every time I sit down to write and post.  

Now if I can only find a software that combines the article submitter with a spinner, I will be set.

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