Friday, October 27, 2006

Help your clients send you leads

I wanted to share an interesting referral idea with you that I had received the other day. The concept is to simply create business cards that you client can hand out that provide the property details.

When you client signs the listing agreement, explain to them that their own sphere of influence is a great place to really create word of mouth exposure for their property. Friends are always more open to tell other friends about great homes that need to be sold. As a service to the client, have business cards printed that have the property details on one side and contact information where people can call to get more information on the other. Give these cards to your client and ask them to hand them out at their leisure to everybody that they know.

The distribution of the cards is a great way for your client to help in the marketing effort of their property. In addition, the contact information on the back leads directly to you; which means that this is an excellent and mutually beneficial marketing tool. Your client benefits from increase exposure of their property and you benefit from potential leads calling you for more information.

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