Monday, October 16, 2006

New real estate lead generating idea

Okay, so I had this promotional idea the other day and I have not quite flushed out the details. However, the idea is a variation on the ideas that I had mentioned earlier about using RSS feeds to get in front of your target real estate customer at work.

My idea is instead of creating a customized feed that sits on your prospect’s wallpaper, why not use existing technology to get your message continually into the prospect’s Outlook email box? The idea is simply to leverage news feed tools such as the NewsGator Outlook interface to create a news tool that you can give your clients. I am not sure if you can do this yet, but what if you could customize the feeds that were included in the download as a default and then use it as a promotional giveaway to your clients? They could download the tool which would put your personal news feed updates (just listed, blog, podcast) right into their email in-box. Obviously your prospective client could customize the feeds to meet their individual needs, but if your template adds value, they will be exposed to your message on a continual daily basis.

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