Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Four Critical Keys to Writing a Web Site Home Page

All of us have web pages. It is a fact of life and most of us can’t do business without a good website. However, how many real estate agents have really taken the time to craft their home page into something that really conveys their unique selling proposition? I know for our site we spent a great deal of time just to develop the message A Simple System to Close More Sales. The unique selling proposition of your site should be blatantly apparent as soon as your prospect lands on the site. After that, my personal recommendation is to put as many data captaining features as possible on the page so that you can convert the page view to a prospect. With those personal thoughts in mind, here is a great article from Marketing Profs that details the four critical components to consider when developing a website.

I am not sure if the article itself is part of their premium offering, so here are the four conditions from the article:

1. Use your principal homepage headline to communicate your site's underlying value proposition
2. Use some short introductory text to clarify and expand on your headline
3. Help visitors find what they are looking for
4. Make your first-time visitors feel comfortable and confident

Overall, your website should effectively convey the benefits that you offer prospective home buyers or sellers and provide simple and easy ways for them to give you their contact information. Many real estate agents use their websites simply as billboards with great head-shots and pictures of nice houses. With some simple planning, a website can be so much more.

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