Friday, September 29, 2006

Big updates for REALTOR leads and marketing

As you know, I am a big believer of the prospecting engine which is simply a system to continually expose your clients to your marketing message across a variety of different mediums until you are top of mind when they are ready use your real estate services. In that vein, I have been working diligently to develop a number of new techniques and tools that will further this type of system. My own reason for creating this type of system is so that I can help real estate agents really become successful with their own marketing endeavors. I also envision including the system in as a small revenue stream for our company.

So what are the tools that I am working on to help real estate agents attract more leads? Well, the first is a more formalized prospecting engine to track and measure exposure and response for your leads so that real estate agents can spend their time only on leads that will turn into sales. I can’t comment on this further because it would be giving away too many secrets.

The other tool that I am working on is a system to get your REALTOR message in front of your clients while they are busy at work, sitting at their desk, and sneakily searching for their next home. If I can get this system worked out, it will be a huge marketing tool for our real estate agent clients.

Finally, I was very excited that Brian Rodgers stopped by my site this week. I have been a fan of his systems for some time, and it is nice that he showed an interest in our system.

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