Thursday, September 07, 2006

New developments in the online empowerment of consumers…

We all know that times are changing and the internet is quickly becoming king when it comes to continuing to operate your business. We are 4MySales continually strive to help REALTORS® adapt to this changing environment and thrive in this brave new world. However, technology is changing faster than many can adapt and it is becoming a struggle for most as website after website takes away services traditionally reserved for the professional agent. For real estate agents that do not take their businesses seriously, or view their real estate careers as more of a part time hobby, new online services may actually force them out of the market.

Some of these new online services don’t necessarily remove agent services, but instead empower the consumer. Recently a lot of real estate agent rating services have popped up across the web that allows consumers to do background and reference checks on their potential agents. Websites like, Realty Baron, and AngiesList are all offering related services to help consumers make sure that they are professionally represented by a reputable agent. For those real estate professionals that take their job and industry seriously, these new websites and technologies will give them an advantage over the competition. For those part time agents that got a license to get rich quick, these new services may forebode a change of profession. As I said in a recent article, Time’s they are a changin’ and it is time to adapt.

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