Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Be relevant, be timely, and give the client what they want

Be relevant, be timely, and give the client what they want. This mantra is being repeated over and over in the blogspace in reference to marketing and the change in the online marketing environment. An article by Tom Asacker puts the explanation of this phenomenon into a metaphor about butterflies; which is strangely appropriate given the flighty attitudes and tastes of today’s online consumer.

Marketing today has quickly shifted from newsletters and direct mail to blogs, podcasts and viral distribution of videos. For many real estate agents the old ways are still pertinent to developing and farming an area. However, the advancement of technology requires that they augment the traditional method of door knocking with new technologies.

Be online:
Most of your clients are now surfing the net and looking for a home from their desk at work or at home. Blogs, websites, listing feeds and news sites all serve to get your message in front of that client when they are looking.

Be present:
Any marketer will tell you that the reason money is spent on marketing is to put the marketer’s message in front of the client at the exact point in time when they are ready to spend. For real estate agents, this means associating yourself or your site with an MLS feed so that the prospect sees you when they find their dream listing.

Be pertinent:
Most clients not only find their dream home online, but also learn as much about the transaction as possible before committing to calling an agent. Be a source of guidance to these prospects and guide them to your door.

Be viral:
How many jokes, stories or videos have your friends emailed you this year? Find ways to be one of those forwards.

It is a brave new marketing world, and by positioning your real estate marketing efforts properly both online and off-line, you will be positioned to succeed.

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