Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Supercharging your real estate website

I was reading an article this morning in MarketingProfs about Five Advanced Web Writing Secrets. The article may not be fully accessible without a membership, but I did want to summarize a few points that I found compelling. The article goes into the typical descriptors about how to increase your search engine profile, but then makes some suggestions that would make websites a lot more fun and memorable…. hink Zillow and Zestimates.

So here are the bullets in the article and my own take on the descriptors:

- Make their story your story: In the about us tab, instead of saying something like “Serving the area for the past XX years.” Restate your about so that you identify with your audience “Every customer deserves a worry free experience and the highest level of service. My mission it to…..”

- Use Descriptive Navigation Tabs: Why do we just use tabs that say “Listings, About Us, Free Report, Contact us?” Why not use descriptors that actually convey a message to the user: “See Your Dream Home, Save Thousands Now, Learn the Secrets of the Professionals, Service Guarantees, My Mission to Help You?”

- Move out of the content ghetto: Not really a self explanatory headline, but the message is to intersperse different testimonials and informational resources throughout the site in areas that are congruent with the data. Don’t have a dedicated white paper page when the topics of various papers are discussed on different pages. Instead add the links to the white papers on those different pages.

- Make Offers: This is actually my favorite. You should have compelling offers on each and every page, You don’t have to ask for the real estate listing right then, but you can make an offer that will move your client further into the pipeline of your prospecting engine.

If you have access to the full article, it is worth the read.

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REBlogGirl said...

Excellent post. Focusing on quality content that connects with your audience is essential to any good website or blog. I think it is very important to remind RE bloggers and webmasters that the web is a personal medium- communicate with an audience of one, write conversationally and prominently place a call to action on your blog/site that directs visitors to do something- i.e. sign up for your feed service or go to your lead generation tool (newsletter, email notification, etc.). Check out other articles on quality content writing for RE on www.rsspieces.com