Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Increasing Your Local Market Presence

In an ever-increasing effort to attract clients, listings and referrals, there is one avenue that we have not yet tapped. That is the home of the cubicle-dweller. Just think about it. More than 80% of your target clients spend six or more hours a day staring at a computer screen in a cubicle. During that time, they spend much of it working on specific business tasks. However, they also occasionally surf the net and look for items of interest.... perhaps a new home....

This article in Inc.com details how larger companies are finding ways to target the every-elusive cubicle dweller in their natural environment. Apparently there are now even services that you can work with to include coupons and booklets in employee paychecks. One of these organizations, Workplace Print Media specializes in getting your marketing message directly in front of the cubicle-dwelling client. They work with clients and businesses to include marketing messages in with employee HR communications and pay envelopes so that each employee is exposed to the marketer’s offer.

Many of us do not have the resources and capital to pay a company like Workplace Print Media. However, we can take a hint from their business approach and tailor it to our own market and resources. For example, you may choose to target a number of small businesses in your area and work with them to include your information in with their pay data. If you are even more industrious, you may even choose to create a co-op between non-competing businesses where you can include your message and data from participating members in the envelopes of participating businesses. With the co-op method, all participating businesses can enjoy increased expose and more customers as they all participate in the marketing activity.

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