Friday, September 22, 2006

Too Flabbergasted for Words

I’m too confused for words, but I thought I would post this anyway. The confusion being that it’s late Friday afternoon and I am flabbergasted at an online service that claims to be affiliated with my services.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I did a search on Google for “4MySales customers.” I do this once in a while to keep track of how our product is being perceived by our peers so we can address any complaints and find ways to improve the product offering. Anyway, I came across this site called The reason that I came across is it that one of their “deal sweeteners” is an extended trial to the REALTOR Success Service. Now the reason that I am flabbergasted is that nobody in my organization has ever heard of this guy. He’s not an affiliate, and I can find no record of him ever negotiating a deal with us for extended client trials.

Here is a copy of the “Special Bonus” text placed on his site”:

We've made a deal with, a leading real estate
marketing solutions provider, to give our customers a special offer where you
will get a 15-day trial (regular clients get a 7-day trial only) to their
outstanding service. Here's what they will do for you, free of charge for
15 days.

Customers Come To You! The system allows you to create a
complimentary email and direct mail marketing system to grow your sales. After
logging into, you will be given access to customers in your area
who have asked for help from a real estate professional. To close these
customers, you have the option of sending a personalized market report, an email
newsletter, or a personal message. To follow up, you will be given the tools to
contact them directly, as well as the option of adding them to your database to
keep on your direct mail and email list. Online and offline marketing is
fully automated, easy and successfully blended.

I am not sure whether to be flattered or offended. Either way, I am contacting the owner of the site to “re-negotiate” our deal with them.

Have a great weekend. May your open houses be productive and your leads be plentiful.

Barrett Niehus A Simple System to Close More Sales

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