Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to become a great media speaker

One of the greatest marketing tools that real estate agents have available to them is the opportunity to organize and present their message to local community groups. We all know about these types of presentations and many of us have attended a few. However, very few of us have leveraged them to grow our own business. Reasons for not leveraging this type of resource vary, but it typically boils down to a large investment in time, marketing, and resources. Honestly, it takes a lot of work to rent a facility or get the agreement of a local community group, write a Power Point presentation, and print and post flyers, signs and mailers to get people to your event. In spite of the investment, the return that you receive in notoriety, community awareness and leads can be significant.

Now when I started this post, my intention was to focus on a recent article posted in Marketing Profs this week that deals with the topic of how to speak to the media. The article, How to Become a Great Media Spokesperson, had some very good points that real estate agents can incorporate into their presentations and speaking events, and I wanted to share it with my readers. I just got a little sidetracked….

Okay, so back on target and back to the point. Read the article. The points that I found most useful are the following:

* “Normally, in a conversation or presentation, you start with premises
or facts and build to conclusions.

* In talking with reporters, you must start with conclusions, known as key points, use facts only as illustrations, and repeat your messages.

* No matter how sophisticated the audience, assume an attention span sufficient for a maximum of three "ideas."

* Know in advance the two or three ideas, or key points, you want to communicate
in any interview.

* In answering any questions, state your key point, and emphasize it with your voice and gestures. “

The article makes a number of different points that you really would not think about unless someone pointed them out.

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