Friday, September 22, 2006

The Time To Buy a Home is Now

RealtyTimes posted this morning that there are still islands of opportunity across the US where homes are moving. Their article features Raleigh, North Carolina as an example of an area where sales are getting stronger; where the number of homes for sale is down significantly and the number of days on market is down as well. I keep telling everybody I can that the time to buy a home will never be better than right now. Hopefully this trend in North Carolina is a sign that we are starting to turn a corner.

As I have said previously, if it is not a seller’s market, which it is most definitely not, then it must be a buyer’s market. For buyers of real estate or any other investment, the time to buy is when everybody else has been scared off and while there is significant potential for growth in the market. For real estate, that time is now. Even though we will probably not see the double digit growth that we saw in the last few years, prices and interest rates will inevitably creep up and as they do, affordability will diminish.

If you are thinking about buying a home…. BUY NOW

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