Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Be the First Message That Prospects See When They Start Their Day

I wrote a couple of days ago about the fact that most of your target clients do their searching for a home on the internet while at work. I posed the question, how do we get in front of those people? I thought a lot about that question over the last few days, and I think I came up with an answer….. However, I don’t know where I can find this type of resource and I want to know if you can direct me to someplace where it can be downloaded. If not, I will direct my programmers at to include it as a feature that our clients can use to get in front of their clients at work.

Okay, so here is the idea… once again, tell me where I can find it, or else I will have my guys build it…. The idea leverages RSS feeds, the systems employed by Trulia, as well as our own unique approach to marketing. The idea is to allow your prospects to customize their desktop wallpaper with your information and all of the tools needed to help them in their home search.

I know that descriptor is a little fuzzy, so let me expand on my description. Your desktop wallpaper is the background graphic that is posted on the screen of your computer desktop when all of your windows are closed. For most people this background is completely static with the exception of the occasional clock graphic. Now what if, instead of a static picture, the background routinely updated with new listings that fit the client’s criteria, your blog updates, a box that details current interest rates, a picture of the client’s kids, market updates, as well as any additional news feeds that the client chooses? The layout of the background and data feeds would be completely customizable to the client, but your name, logo, and contact information would always be displayed somewhere on the screen.

It got the idea by reading about a website called NetVibes that allows you to completely customize your home page with various news feeds, graphics, etc. What if you could provide this same type of feature to your prospective clients, but on their desktop instead? Every time your prospects log in they would be quickly updated on the latest listings, market updates, interest rates, your blog, even before they went to work. Finally, what if you could include in these updates the current status of their purchase or sales so that they are completely updated at all times? The service would essentially put you directly in front of the client every single day.

What are your thoughts? Does this type of service currently exist? If yes, where can I find it? If no, would you like to build it with me? Finally, do you think the idea is of any value? Let me know what you think?

Barrett Niehus

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