Friday, October 27, 2006

Real Estate Agents Have a New Voice Online

I am please to announce that our Podmail system in ONLINE!!!! This one has been some time coming, but I think you will like the system and the service. I have posted a copy of the press release below. After you read it, feel free to try out the new Podmail system fee. Simply click here, plug a microphone into your computer, and you are ready to go!

(October 27,2006) - Agent Success Systems announces the addition of a new Podmail social media tool to the suite of resources that the company currently offers real estate agents. The new Podmail feature allows member agents to leverage new online technology to add an audio component to their email marketing to increase client response and lead generation. 4MySales Podmail include a complete podcast system where members of 4MySales can record, post and distribute their own podcasts as well a new direct email feature which allows the member to record and distribute audio messages as part of their drip email marketing campaign.

“Our goal has always been to help novice and experienced real estate agents leverage technology to increase the revenue-generating capacity of their business. Many agents struggle with finding clients. Our mission is to help make that process as simple and as automated as possible. I feel that this new Podmail system, coupled with our other tools to help agents generate leads and manage clients, creates a comprehensive program that real estate agents can use to really boost their business.” stated Barrett Niehus, the company’s principal.

The new Podmail feature compliments the company’s current suite of tools which includes online lead aggregators, an automated real estate blogging system, client management tools and a full email marketing system. The company’s service offering is completed by the inclusion of a tool for member agents to automatically generate a complete and customized marketing plan that is designed to allow member agents to target specific areas of their practice where improvement will have the greatest positive financial impact. The new Podmail tool and associated suite of resources is available now through the company’s website,

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