Sunday, October 08, 2006

New FSBO Prospecting Idea

I was made aware of an interesting FSBO lead prospecting tool this afternoon and I think it may be a great way to close more FSBO prospects. The idea was published in a Broker Agent News article and the approach is simple, but may prove to be highly successful. The biggest part of the idea is to provide your FSBO lead with their own 800 number. The leads would go through you, but would be provided to your FSBO prospect to help them sell the house. The article also recommends that you create flyers and loan the prospect a yard sign.

The benefits of providing these tools to the prospect are that you can feel comfortable asking for the listing. You can also feel comfortable in asking for referrals. In addition, you have visibility of those that are looking to buy a house, and flyers may still maintain your contact information. It’s an interesting tweak on some direct placement marketing.

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