Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Few Viral Marketing Ideas

This is just a short list of different ideas to create a viral buzz. Let me know if you have others that I could include in the Viral Book Project.

Ideas for YouTube Videos

  • Drunk Lindsey Lohan trying to find a REALTOR to purchase the rehab facility
  • Create a video that shows listing clients receiving their checks over and over. Nothing is more enviable than watching people receive checks for $400,000.
  • A video collection of exploding buildings is always fun.

Flickr Viral Photo Ideas

  • Pictures that have hidden messages for viewers to locate: Find the word (fill in the blank) in nature… Does that cloud say REALTOR?
  • Submit your picture with my name written on your body part. The submitter with the most pictures wins an I-Phone.
  • How about a collection of cars falling off of cliffs?
  • I was forwarded a collage of poorly placed billboards recently that I had to forward to friends; the leader was a Big Mack advertisement right under a stop childhood obesity sign.

If you have ideas on different viral tools or campaigns, please let me known.

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mahdi yusuf said...

trust me it seriously works, my technorati rating went to from 5 to what it is now!

Mantai said...

Ideas wanted:

How to creat a buzz around a blog that talks about anything and everything that touch the heart of the author.