Sunday, July 22, 2007

Viral Book Project

So here’s the deal. Every time I search for great ideas on different viral marketing campaigns, I come up with the same old, create a video, comment on blogs, and create your own posts. Well, there has to be more out there and I am going to find it. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the viral book project.

Essentially, my goal is to get input from the best bloggers on the net on the best and hopefully easiest viral campaigns for you to create yourself. I plan to work with these great Web 2.0 thinkers to create an e-book that anybody can download as a source guide to crease effective viral marketing campaigns that drive traffic and increase notoriety.

Here’s what I am asking of you. If you have an idea, write it in your own blog and let me know where to find it by commenting on this blog I will link to the article on this blog and capture the article in the e-book. I may summarize parts of it on this blog as well. After I get fifty or more of the best viral marketing ideas and articles, I will aggregate them into an e-book which will contain the original articles, links back to the original authors and credit to that author.

After the ebook is complete, I will distribute a copy to all of the contributing authors so that they may distribute the book however they see fit.

The way I see it, there are a lot of general viral marketing ideas out there, but not much that is specific enough to be effective. Let’s create a tool that teaches the most effective techniques that will in itself be viral.

Submit comments to this blog linking back to your viral suggestions and I’ll do the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Dean Hunt here from and

You left a comment on my viral marketing post recently. I didn't know how else to contact you, so here I am...

I may be interested in the book concept, get back to me with an email addy.


Smart Guy said...

I didn't write this with your e-book in mind, but it might work well with some editing:

Meme primer

Marc Vitorillo said...

Thanks for stopping by and asking me to participate in your e-book. I had just written about viral marketing a couple of days ago in my blog.

VMDirect and helloWorld is a great viral marketing tool that you can generate an income stream while using the products, and at the same time help others promote and succeed in their own business.