Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As an American Citizen, I am OUTRAGED!!!

Have you heard about this news story? Two border patrol agents in Texas HAVE BEEN CONVICTED and are facing twenty years in prison for CHASING a drug smuggler that had 800 pounds of marijuana on the border. The two agents chased a drug smuggler at the border and when they tried to detain the smuggler, a scuffle ensued and shots were fired. The smuggler escaped across the border into Mexico and disappeared.


Your American government tracked the smuggler down in Mexico and offered him amnesty if he would return to the United States and testify against the two border patrol agents. The drug dealer's testimony was what convinced the judge to convict these two officers.

The complete story is here:

The two officers: Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were CHARGED WITH VIOLATING FEDERAL BORDER POLICY BECAUSE THEY CHASED THE DRUG SMUGGLER!!!

Please read the article, and please WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN, Local legislators, state assembly, and the President if you feel that it is not right that these two officers are facing prison because they tried to ENFORCE THE SAFETY OF OUR BORDERS, and that our GOVERNMENT SPONSORED THE DRUG SMUGGLER AND OFFERED HIM AMNESTY so that he could come to the United States to testify against the officers.

For me, I am writing every politician that I know about, and using both email and the US post office. THIS WILL NOT STAND IN A COUNTRY where my taxes are supposed to go to keep me safe, not to sponsor drug trafficking!

Email the White House and Vice President about your feelings on this topic:

Email your local congressman:

Email your elected officials:


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Ask the President to Pardon the Border Patrol Agents!!

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