Friday, August 11, 2006

Time to add video to your blog!

It’s time to add a VBLOG!!!! So we are all familiar with blogging as a great tool to generate leads and stay in touch with your community. Well, we have found the next step and should be able to implement it pretty easily. The concept is a VBLOG and essentially it is adding video commentary to your blog and giving your visitors the tools to add the same. I came across this company this morning and their service seems pretty compelling. Essentially, it is a flash plugin (most of us have flash and java already on our computers) that interfaces with your webcam (okay, most REALTORS® don’t have webcams yet, but explore the opportunity before passing judgement) and allows you to create and post a video message with only two or three clicks.

So what does this mean?

Well, you have your blog, you are playing with podcasts. Now you can add video messages to your blog to increase your “brand identity” with your clients. For the next step, you can allow your clients and visitors to record and post their own video commentary. Obviously, this creates a great opportunity to generate a personal relationship with a prospective client which may in fact lead to a listing and sale. The link to the vblog service provide is here If we can figure out how userpalane does it, we will implement a similar technology with

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