Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blog marketing consultant for real estate agents

I had an interesting conversation with one of the principals of today. They have a very intriguing approach to the field of online marketing. The company, Real Estate Blog Marketing, custom develops blog websites for their customers. These customized blogs are search engine optimized to increase the chance of higher search engine rankings for specific keywords. The company then helps their customer to increase their search engine ranking with the blog.

In discussions with this gentleman I learned that content is still the responsibility of the client. However, they do have a small ghost writing service if needed. However, their primary value proposition is that they feel that they can help increase the online visibility of your blog and its subsequent search engine ranking.

This is actually the first that I have heard about this type of service, where blog consultants help you increase visibility of your blog. This is a relatively new type of marketing service, and I found it interesting that they chose real estate as their niche. I’ll do a bit more investigating and keep you posted…

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