Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back to school niche marketing for real estate agents

Stephen O’Hara had a great article today in Broker Agent news about an interesting niche that is probably un-served by most communities and may be a great opportunity for other real estate agents. Stephen asserts that by focusing on relocating parents and aligning himself with the Parent Relocation Council, Inc. (PRC) he has been able to attract a steady stream of clients that are relocating to the area and want to know about resources for their children. By being able to provide information and access about local schools and more community detail, Stephen has managed to create a unique and differentiated niche in his community. He describes how his relocation and community knowledge has set him apart from his competition:

“Consider this scenario...I am making a listing
presentation and my local competition has already pitched their services - how
do I make me, and my presentation stand out from the crowd? The other agents are
also professional, well qualified, affiliated with a national branded company,
they offer all the same bells and whistles as I can, but with one significant
difference - they don't have in their pocket a segment of buyers that no one
else has...the relocating families who I have access to through the PRC program.
I always suggest to my prospective clients that the most important question they
should be asking is "what can you offer me that the other agents cannot?" and
then by presenting myself as a relocation expert, I answer that question by
demonstrating how I can expose the seller's home to more buyers.

While relocating clients are a small piece of my
overall production volume, as a top listing agent I use my exclusive access to
PRC relocation buyers to give me a position with sellers other agents simply do
not have.”

Please read Stephen's entire article here.

I have checked out the website, and it looks like a great tool. We just need to find out what type of traffic and draw it has.

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