Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Be on Your Prospects Computer When They Look For A REALTOR

I wrote earlier in the week about how most clients are spending their time searching for a home while on the internet at work. In that post my suggestion was to create a tool that will allow them to find the listing and data that they want quickly and effectively. My original thought was to create a feed reader that became part of the user’s desktop wallpaper so that they could update their home search every time they closed the windows of their browser. My programmers have told me that this is more than feasible for, but I am not sure if I could justify the initial investment.

Therefore, for an alternative I have located a site from Conduit Solutions that allows you to create your own customized search bar; complete with your logo, rss feed (can anybody say listings on demand?) and other tools to help your client. My idea is simply that you create a real estate toolbar with Conduit, and design your specific toolbar to feed your blog as well as any rate and property information that you can syndicate through the toolbar, directly to your prospect’s computer. After designing your toolbar offer it up for download on your blog and website, and offer it to any prospects that you may come in contact with. If you can feed these prospects what they want, when the want it…. at work, you may do a lot for increasing your client list.

Oh, by the way, I am still waiting on suggestions on how we can achieve something similar to what Rosenblatt is doing…. I’m open to suggestions.

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