Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Dinner with Schwarzkopf

Okay, maybe not dinner, but I was invited to feature in an episode of World Business Review which is hosted by Former General Norman Schwarzkopf. As it was explained to me this morning, World Business Review is a business TV show that is distributed across the Bravo Network as well as through CNBC. It is also televised in feeds as entertainment on airplanes and syndicated into various business schools across the country. I watched more than a few episodes while getting my MBA and am familiar with their program. Overall, they have a reach of about 84 million.

So with all of that exposure, I am really flattered that they would like to feature and the concept of prospecting engines on their program. Apparently they are focusing on the real estate industry for the first quarter of next year. If it all works out, Schwarzkopf will be introducing me as I take the camera on a tour through the concept of prospecting engines and product offering of

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Carol said...

Very exciting! Keep up the good work.