Monday, December 04, 2006

Still working on my long tail….

I had mentioned in an earlier blog about the HitTail site that evaluates your incoming search traffic and makes recommendations on what topics you should specifically blog about to increase the width of your tail and corresponding search engine rank. Well, this little tool has become a mainstay in my bookmarks and receives one to two visits by me per day. Typically when I have nothing else to blog about…

Anyway, here are my current stats and the recommendations from HitTail. According to I have 25,200 links to 4MySales from across the web. This is up from around 13,800 which is where I am if you just search Barrett Niehus…. Looks like I need to write more articles under my own name…..

Okay, so back on topic. My HitTail results are posted below, but it looks like few people are finding my blog and when they search for free real estate flyers, realtor marketing (I would like term to rank much higher, but you have to start somewhere.,) real estate, realtor marketing tools, realtor blog, realty leads, and even realtor radio. Some of these terms warrant additional commentary and investigation, however I don’t think insurance agent leads are really part of my target audience…. Either way hittail is a great tracking tool to evaluate your online success.

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