Thursday, December 07, 2006

Overlooked Source of Viral Exposure

I had a great conversation with Todd Tweedy this morning from BoldMouth marketing. He had some great insights about the application of different technologies to incite a viral response from your online marketing. We covered a lot of different aspects of web marketing, but he brought up a source of viral promotion that I have been overlooking for some time.

I have been focusing on blogs and blogging networks to spread the word about 4MySales REALTOR Marketing Tools. However, Todd’s recommendation, which I completely agree with, was to include the traditional chat and message boards into your promotion campaign. Todd brought up the example of a local company, VOI whose growth was decimated by negative chat on Yahoo Groups.

With that in mind, the expanded viral campaign for 4MySales is going to soon include features that will be useful, and hopefully chat worthy, on the various message boards. I think I have my work cut out for me. A simple search on Yahoo for REALTOR Chat returned 1.3 million links…. Anybody want to volunteer to help talk about 4MySales and different approaches to help REALTORS Succeed? I’m looking for partners, evangelists, and friends….

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