Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Viral Buzz

Some lead, some follow, some teach… I spend a lot of time taking about how different marketing programs can help to contribute to generating REALTOR leads, as well as how marketing is more than just letters and flyers. I also spend a fair amount of time reading and learning from people who I view as opinion leaders and peers in the real estate and marketing industries (See Blogs That I Digg.) However, I think I may have discovered one of the few people that really understand how all of this new technology can be used to catapult your brand and turn your into a super star.

We have all been talking about the power of real estate blogs, podcasts, real estate widgets and the multitude of new technologies that have come out of Web 2.0. However, I will be the first to admit that my understanding of how all of this new technology can be applied cohesively to generate universal brand awareness is limited. I understand how to use the technology and understand its implications, but until now was not fully cognizant of the underlying factors that make the 2.0 marketing technologies effective.

Fortunately, I have found the blog of a guy that seems to fully comprehend exactly how all of this new technology can be applied specifically to creating marketing buzz and brand awareness. The Blog is which is hosted by buzz marketing pioneer Todd Tweedy. His blog has nothing to do with real estate; in fact many of his posts are directed to some of his larger commercial clients like Volkswagen. However, the approach that he uses to create viral brand awareness should translate into the real estate industry with just a little modification. The guy is on the board of directors for the Viral & Buzz Marketing Association (I hadn’t heard of it either, but the title sounds like a group I need to know about) and is using Web 2.0 technology to generate viral buzz for his clients. The article that initially caught my attention was his commentary: Promotion and Publishing with Blogs

I will be following Todds commentary closely and adding his blog to my list of favorites. If nothing else, I will learn how to host a planning meeting in SecondLife.

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jfsellsius said...

An excellent find. We all should be interested in marketing online, and off. Thanks for another tasty morsel for my feedreader.