Friday, December 29, 2006

Optimize Your Real Estate Blog for Google

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who claims to be a specialist in viral marketing. We discussed the benefits of the new online social networks, but he pointed out one of the biggest mistakes most professionals make when they launch a blog is that they start writing, but never take time to optimize their blogs tags, title and descriptions in the html code. This often results in a poor ranking and index on Google, Yahoo and other engines because the basic title and phrases are missing.

It seems like a minor point, but I am sure that it is one that most of us overlook. When you create a new blog, please be sure to enter the proper meta tags into the HTML so that they can be indexed properly. This may require a small amount of additional text in the template, depending on who is hosting your blog. I am not sure how to do it for WordPress, but for blogger, you simply need to add the tag directly into the template html. To give you an example, this blog has the following HTML tags that are indexed by different engines (I pulled out the > and the < to allow blogger to publish the code):

title>Real estate marketing tools from 4MySales.commeta name="robots" content="index,follow" /
meta name="googlebot" content="index, follow" /
meta name="description" content="Real Estate Blog Marketing and Lead Generation" /
meta name="keywords" content="real estate blogs, realtor leads, real estate marketing letters, flyers, real estate marketing tools, real estate farming, realtor license, automated, podcasts, capture leads" /
meta name="author" content="Real estate marketing blogs for REALTORS" /
meta name="language" content="English" /
meta name="country" content="United States" /

A usesfull tool to see how effectively your blog is tagged is the Meta Tag Analyzer found at Widexl which evaluates your URL and gives you a green, orange, or red statement regarding how well your title, description and keyword tags are optimized. The tool is a great starting point to optimize your real estate blog.

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Great article on the real estate happenings, I really enjoy reading your posts. Just for your information, Donald Trump is in big trouble right now with his real estate empire. I hope everyone can pull through this slump!!


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