Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yahoo Real Estate and Web 2.0

I had not been on Yahoo Real Estate in quite a while; not since they first partnered with Prudential. However, I stopped by this evening to search for real estate discussions on Yahoo Groups and ended up smack dab on their real estate page…Talk about Web 2.0, they have some pretty cool tool for the local home buyer or seller.

For the past while I have been getting most of my market updates from RealtyTimes and the local business report. However, it looks like Yahoo has added this feature directly to their page. Unfortunately new home prices have gone down by 1% since this time last year, but the median price is still around $866K… (In California we have a running joke… I’ve always wanted to live in a million dollar home. I just didn’t think it would be this one.)

Anyway, the revised Yahoo Real Estate pages have a Trulia-like map that shows local MLS listings, current mortgage rates and a chart of property values from Zillow that go back one, five and ten years. Finally, they have the foreclosure leads from RealtyTrac. All of these tools provide a pretty powerful combination.

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