Friday, November 17, 2006

CONTEST: Best Tool to Attract Clients

I posted this specifically through ActiveRain, but I thought I would open it up to the blogsphere as well. There are so many great suggestions on how to attract more listings that I thought it would be fun for us to see who has the best, most creative and most effective marketing tools or approaches to get new clients.

Blog your ideas and submit the links below, and comment if you see one that really stands out. The winner is going to be chosen by democratic vote. (i.e. comment on the one that you feel is the best.)

The winner gets a free copy of our IP Ware Real Estate Investment Analysis Software which we typically include as a value-add for our service

With that in mind, here is my number one all time favorite REALTOR approach to attract clients. It helps promote the listing and attract referrals:

After you have made your listing presentation to a prospective client, explain that many times, your client’s own network of friends and family can be the greatest promotional tool to help sell a home quickly. Also explain that one of the unique marketing approaches that you offer are tools to help make anyone in your client’s network aware that their home is available so those people may refer any of their contacts who may be in the market to buy your client’s home.

If your prospective client agrees to this approach (after they have signed the listing agreement) hand them a sheet with numbered lines on it where they can write down the names, addresses and email addresses of the people in their network that they want you to market to. Tell them to go home and fill the form out and you will pick is up at the next meeting. Make sure when you make your appointment confirmation for the next time that you meet that you remind the client to bring the sheet; most clients automatically forget.

The list that your client brings back should contain a number of cold referrals that you can use to help your client sell their property as well as grow your own business. Now you simply create a personalized communication to let these people know that your client’s home is listed, and request that they refer any of their friends or family to you that may be interested in touring the home.

In addition to sending out this first communication to this list of referrals, add them to your drip marketing system. When your client’s home sells, make sure that they receive a personalized just sold announcement with an additional request for referrals. Finally, add these prospects to your prospecting engine and work to turn them into clients.

That’s my favorite approach to help REALTORS attract clients. Let me know yours, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite.

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