Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Expanded Marketing Plan as Part of Your Listing Package

I think we are all in agreement that the listing presentation is a critical component of the sales process. Let’s face it, if your presentation doesn’t secure the listing, you have wasted your time as well as that of your clients. One of the presentation components that I have found to be successful for different agents is what I refer to as the Expanded Marketing Package. In addition to the rest of the materials that you present your prospect, comps, tax rolls, days on market data, advertisement examples, I recommend including one or two sheets that details your expanded approach to marketing the home. In this Expanded Marketing Package, include all of the various marketing activities that you plan to use to help the seller divest their home. If you use a blog, podcasts, agent caravans, newsletters, flyers, referrals, postcards, peer announcements, business cards with the listing data on it, advertisements, detail each item with a brief description so that your prospective client can understand the lengths that you will go to in order to effectively sell their home.

The Expanded Marketing Package serves a number of functions during listing presentations. First, it sets you apart from the competition that may not utilize the marketing resources that you do. Second, it presents unique value to the client so that they can understand why they need your services. Finally, by reviewing the investment that you will be making in marketing the property, you will be much better positioned to justify a full commission to the client.

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