Thursday, November 30, 2006

Unique closing gift and REALTOR Marketing Tool

Have a little free time and want to create a unique closing gift? How about using ScrapBlog to create a scrapbook page of your client and their new home? I came across this tool while tooling around (redundant, but I am taking artistic license) this evening. Instead of a blog, it lets you upload pictures, orient them however you wish, and add borders, backgrounds, stickers, text bubbles, and any of the other doodads that you would normally find on a scrapbook page…okay, virtual scrapbook page.

So how would you use something like this to help your clients remember you? How about when they are in escrow, move, or after they close, take a number of relatively candid photos of them in and around their new home. Upload the photos to your ScrapBlog, add backgrounds, comments, text, and anything else that would be appropriate (don’t forget your contact info, picture and logo.) Finally, publish the scrap blog and send your clients the link. In addition, invite them to send their virtual scrap book to any and all of their friends so that they can see the new home.

Hopefully your scrap blog will be appreciated by your clients and well viewed by their entire circle of friends and family.

As a final step, ask your clients to personalize their online scrapbook with some kind words of thanks. How powerful would if be if you could show prospective clients multiple scrap books filled with appreciative and happy clients who have thanked you in their own words? A picture is worth a thousand words, but testimonials with pictures are worth more than gold.

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