Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drip Email Marketing

It’s been a while since I posted about the effectiveness of REALTOR drip marketing systems. However, I do want to bring the topic back into focus as it is a critical component of your prospecting engine. I want to specifically focus on your drip email system and discuss ways to make it more effective.

With that in mind, there are two components to your drip email system. The first is your passive monthly email newsletter that is sent automatically to your contact list. This newsletter helps to maintain a presence in your prospect’s minds and provides them with news, market updates, personal information and any data that you feel they would find beneficial. There are a lot of systems out there that provide an automated drip email marketing feature; and even 4MySales.com includes this type of feature in its service offering.

Regardless of who provides your monthly drip email, similar rules apply. Make sure that your message is pertinent to your target audience. Also, make sure to personalize and humanize your message. Data is great, but remember that your audience are people that are looking for guidance and support of a professional that understands their personal needs. As such, strive to create a relationship with these individuals, even if it is just online. Podmail and embedded audio in email helps with this. Finally, with each monthly drip email piece that is sent out, make sure that you have a very specific call to action as well as a request for referral. Your call to action should not simply be “call us, we can help.” Instead it should offer something of value in exchange for their response: “Call today for your free home assessment and home-staging consultation.”

As I indicated above, there are two components to your drip email marketing system. The first is the monthly drip newsletters, and the second is more active email updates. These are more personalize announcements that tell your prospects about opportunities, homes in their area that have sold, new homes that have come on the market, community events, and anything else that ties you to your prospect’s community. With these communications, they are much more urgent, or at least pertinent, and keep your prospect updated on what’s going on in their community as well as in your business. Once again, the call to action and referral rules apply. Always have a compelling call to action and a request for referral. Also, if you have a real estate or personal blog, include links to it as well as to your website. Keep in mind that the entire purpose of these announcements and your email marketing system it to have your prospective client respond. Include and offer of value in every communication that you send out and maximize your response.

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