Thursday, November 16, 2006

Your sign is your most important marketing tool, Make it stand out

So I am walking my dog this morning and marveling over all of the homes in my area that have new for sale sign posts planted firmly in their grass. With change in the market, having these signs dot the local landscape is nothing new. However, as I walked past each of the signs it occurred to me…. ALL OF THESE SIGNS LOOK THE SAME. As a consumer looking at these sign posts, none of them are unique enough to compel me to call the REALTOR to list my own home, or compelling enough to make me want to learn more about the home being offered.

The sign that you post in front of your listing is the primary key to your REALTOR Marketing System. It is the one off-line marketing tool that your prospective clients that are looking for a specific neighborhood are likely to see. In addition, it is the one marketing tool that all of the neighbors, and random dog walkers, (I call them potential clients) will see. With that in mind, my advice is to find ways to differentiate your post and your for sale hangers from the competition. Instead of a standard white post, go yellow or red. Instead of a picture of you smiling next to the name of your company, try something different. Choose phrases that are memorable or offer something of value that will compel people who see the sign to act. An agent in the greater San Diego area used to offer a satisfaction guarantee in the form of a $2000 rebate for clients that choose to list with him. It’s a little used-car-ish, but how much more compelling would your sign be if in big letters across your hangers were the words “For Sales, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!”

From my observations today, I say find a way to make your sign stand out, or it really gets lost in the crowd.

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