Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Take Steps to Rock the Vote

Election Day is upon us and once again we have the opportunity to express our opinions and choose the candidates that best represent the interests that we support. In casting my vote today I had the opportunity to use the new touch screen ballot system, and I must tell you that in spite of all of the negative press around security for these new devises, the submission of my vote was easier today than it has been in any election that I have voted in previously. I know that there are a lot of nay-sayers saying that this new technology maintains to high of an inherent risk for failure or tampering, but my experience today was just great.

Now I know that you don’t care how I voted. After all, who am I but some guy in Orange County that knows a lot about marketing and a bit about real estate? However, regardless of whether or not you care, I am going to share with you my observations. My observation is that these days the only difference between Democrats and Republicans are wedge issues. Opinions on how the government should be run are almost identical, regardless of which of the two parties are in power. The practices and activities of the two parties are now almost identical in most aspects of governance. The only differences are on those few issues that polarize opinions such as religion, abortion, gun control, etc., and it is on these wedge issues that the two parties differentiate their platforms. I think Governor Ventura (Minnesota) said it best during one of his initial interviews on Larrry King when he stated: “When they talk about the two-party system, that's only one more than Russia. You know, we get one more choice than Russia”

For me personally, I voted my conscience. I voted for some Republicans and for a few Democrats. I am also proud to say that there were a few Libertarians that I voted for as well. Like Ventura, I do support the idea of having more than just a two party system. Regardless of your opinion, please take remember the civic rights for which your ancestors gave their lives and cast your vote.

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