Wednesday, November 15, 2006

White Paper Explains Web 2.0...

As a follow on to my search to learn everything about online social networks and their impact in how we transact real estate, I came across a great white paper by Tervor Cook and Lee Hopkins that goes over the nuts and bolts of these new technologies.

They explain Web 2.0 in the following quote: "Indeed, so fundamental has been
the shift from 'static', 'brochure-ware' websites to the new 'conversational'
internet that many pundits are calling the 'old' internet "Web1.0" and this new
web world "Web2.0", reflecting its dramatic improvement based in large part on
improvements in software coding and functionality.

If you are just learning about RSS, Blogs, Social Networks and how they can impact your life and the properties that you sell, it is well worth the read… Here’s the link

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