Sunday, November 19, 2006

Top Five Ways to Increase Your Blog Exposure

1) Create a relationship with other bloggers in your blogspace. Comment on their blogs and invite them to comment on yours; without spamming. Your dialog with other opinion leaders will help increase your exposure on the web as well as create a mutually beneficial and educational relationship. Some of my favorite blogs are the Zillow Blog, Sellsius, BloodHound Realty,

2) Syndicate your blogs across as many syndicated feed directories as possible. A great tool to help you streamline this process is which rapid submits to a number of feed directories. Be sure to also manually submit to both Yahoos and and Google Ping.

3) Maintain multiple blogs on multiple sites. The goal is to get your voice out there to drive traffic to your website. Ardell DellaLoggia is a master at this that I try to emulate. She generally hosts the HouseValues conference calls…. Hopefully someday we can get her to mention in one of her blogs…. Someday.

4) Submit your site to Digg so that others can read and vote for your sites.

5) Open the search word funnel to drive a wider range of traffic to your blog and to your site. uses the long tail theory to help identify specific blog topics that may generate additional traffic and substantially increase the number of people that read your blog. The two Long Tail phrases that keep coming up for this blog are “For Sale By Owner” and “Marketing Letters for Realtors.”


REBlogGirl said...

Well put. Implementing the long tail theory and creating link bait articles are essential. Also linking out to other authority sites is a way to show search engines you play well with others, so that has value as well. Thanks for the great post.

jfsellsius said...

Thanks for mentioning sellsius as one of your favorites. Welcome to our blogroll.