Sunday, November 12, 2006

Podcasting as a new medium

We launched our podmail and podcasting system last month and are having great success in helping real estate agents use the tools to promote their business. 4MySales originally created the podcast tool in response to REALTORS continual need to differentiate themselves from the competition. I felt that the time had come to give real estate agents a simple tool to create their own podcast, and subsequently their own voice on the net.

There are thousands of professionals that have taken to creating periodic podcasts as part of their marketing mix, and more and more professionals are using it every day. In fact a quick search on Technorati shows that there are over one million posts on podcasting in their search engine. The new medium is being adopted by professionals across the globe, and it is time to step up as a real estate agent and claim your own voice on the net. Click here to create a podmail now!

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